What no one knows about NFTs

By now most people know that one of the most powerful things about NFT’s is that they are digital items that behave like they are physical.

Thomas Petersen
2 min readNov 19, 2021

What less people realize is the other side of that equation: Physical items that behave as if they are digital.

Let me explain…

Turing Completenes

NFT’s are universally programable via smart contracts.

Whatever functionality you can program into a normal app, NFT’s can do in principle.

This universality allow NFT shape shift into many things simultaneously not just one thing at a a time.


Each individual NFT can be combined with other NFTs to create a complete picture and unlock all sorts of features/rewards.

Imagine you have to collect or pool 20 NFTs to turn them into a clue for the next airdrop.


NFTs can be programmed with emergent functionality.

Imagine a collection of generative artworks that looks and behave one way individually but when you own 5 of them changes into something completely different. This is not unlike how Power Rangers combine into a Megazord that is more than the 5 rangers individually

Daisy Chaining

NFT’s can have conditions built which have to be met to unlock access to other NFT’s. This allow you to create anything from murder mysteries to treasure hunts or level creation (Scientologists rejoice) and any progressive certification fully automated.


@lootproject showed us that you can even turn everything on its head by providing abstract NFT’s called Loot Bags consisting of just 8 words each representing an item from a fantasy character and then have a community build a whole universe around them using derivatives called synthetic Loot as the incentive structure.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what is possible.

Only imagination, experiments and the law of computation sets the limits.

I haven’t been as excited about the prospect of anything since the early days of the internet.

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