Getting ideas is easy. Getting ideas other people want to spend money or time on is something quite different.

Copyright Netflix 2021
Copyright Netflix 2021

We often hear the claim that humans are destroying the planet through consumption, capitalism, energy usage, and impact on nature. I believe that’s false and here’s why.

The words metaphor and intuitive are often used in UX. They are the metrics we use to judge the quality of a solution. But is this quality really as universal as we might like to believe?

An exploration of a simple idea with a potential big technological impact on society. Written 5 years ago but resurrected because of some of the potential of the block-chain.

Let’s start with what most people probably can agree. Information is accumulating online. The amount of available information is increasing at an exponential rate, some say it doubles every second year. This mean that any illusion of being able to stay up to date with everything that is going on is utopian and the reason why is very important to understand.

Out of 108 startups with a valuation of more than
one billion dollars, 78 are from the US and only nine are from Europe. Why?

Disclaimer: These slightly Machiavellian principles are not meant to manipulate or to serve as an excuse for bad designers to trick their clients. I assume you are a good designer, who does good work, but may have difficulty getting your points across. So please read it with that in mind.

Don’t panic!

The law to end all laws

“All laws are contextual.

They have a middle, a beginning and end.

They’re entirely valid as long as they last, i.e. as long as you can predict behavior with them. Their validity is always probabilistic to some degree, rather than absolute deterministic. Probability decreases toward end-af-law.

A law that ends should be cherished as history, not as if yesterdays’s gods are todays devils.”

Thomas Petersen

Investor, designer, tinkerer. First Principle founder. Square, 80/20, MetaDesign alumni. Hello co-founder, Dotcom survivor

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